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Book reviewers had this to say:

5 Stars - This method works! Great for intermediate typists who want to get super fast. This is working for me. After being stuck at about 60-62 words per minute for months, I'm now at 75 (over 80 on a really good day). I've been using this method for about one month. It works... M. Brown
4 Stars - The idea in this book is pretty simple, granted. But I still think the author had an interesting take on it. There's a lot of storytelling along the way, and I actually kind of liked the stories. The technique is simple, as I said, but it's definitely valid, and it will really help you to type faster... Marti. A.
5 Stars - Awesome! I rated this writing a five star because it was direct and to the point. The author explained his methods clearly and precise. It gives hope to a senior who wants to work from home and needs to build her typing skills with fear that it will take forever. Traditional methods did not work for me at all. Learning another entirely different method is for inspiring. E.E. Washington

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